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An Excellent Selection of Quality Cannabis Oil Applicators

A cannabis oil applicator is an easy to use device that dispenses HoneyVape™ signature distilled oil neatly, consistently and efficiently. Simply push the plunger gently to dispense cannabis oil into an empty vape cartridge, dab nail, edible recipe or onto your body for topical use. Our cannabis oil applicators are offered in two sizes (.5 grams or 1 gram) and are full of premium cannabis oil distillate extracted from your favorite strain of California grown marijuana. For added security and freshness, all of our applicators come in childproof zipper-lock pouches.

Finding Your Favorite Applicator / Syringe

If you’re experienced with smoking or vaping marijuana flower, choosing the right syringe will be easy: Simply choose the cannabis oil extracted from your favorite strain and enjoy the same flavor and effects you’ve come to enjoy! For those who are new to medical cannabis, some experimentation may be involved. Here are a few guidelines:

  • Choose a sativa or sativa dominant hybrid such as Green Crack or Sour Diesel if you need to medicate for body discomfort during a busy workday or social situation but want to remain focused. Sativas are known to increase energy and best for the daytime.
  • Choose an indica or indica-dominant hybrid like Blackberry Kush or Grand Daddy Purple if you need to promote relaxation or settle down at the end of the day. These strains are ideal for use at night.
  • Choose a balanced hybrid such as Blue Dream or OG Kush if you want to enjoy a mellow body buzz accompanied by creative, cerebral energy.
  • For those who wish to experience the benefits of Cannabidiol without getting “stoned,” our non-psychoactive Trident CBD applicator was made just for you because it does not make you “high”.
  • Read the descriptions of each applicator to get a sense of its flavor and effect.
  • The HoneyVape Applicator: A Premium Choice

    Supreme quality is what makes HoneyVape™ the best cannabis vape applicators available in California. Our applicators are built solidly to protect the delicate nature of our fine, medicinal cannabis oil – oil we are proud to extract from the finest cannabis available.

    Using the applicators to dab or vape our oils guarantees you’ll enjoy the original flavor and aroma of the strain as well as its signature effects. Our stay-neat syringes allow you to avoid the sticky, wasteful mess that can come with measuring and dispensing oils while cooking edibles.

    Don’t settle for second best anymore-treat yourself to HoneyVape™’s fine marijuana oil today.


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