California’s pioneer in cannabis vaping technology is expediting their wholesale order flow with Cannaly’s cutting-edge SaaS enabled marketplace.


[Los Angeles, California, September 11th, 2018]

Honey®, a California state licensed adult use and medicinal cannabis oil company is proud to partner with Cannaly an online wholesale marketplace and sales platform for licensed California cannabis brands, distributors and retailers.

As a Silicon Valley startup, Cannaly’s executive team has brought their backgrounds in tech, enterprise sales, and e-commerce to solve the unique challenges of the budding recreational and medical cannabis industry. “From working at, I learned first-hand how to develop a platform that meets the demand of millions of users, while always putting the customers needs first” says Cannaly Co-Founder & CTO Joe Thomas. We are proud to partner with state-compliant companies like Honey®. They are known throughout the industry as the best-tasting oil on the market and since they are the originators of distilled cannabis oil in vape cartridges, they are no strangers to innovation. We are excited to witness how they leverage our platform.”

As the most authentic and best-tasting cannabis oil in the world, Honey® is rapidly expanding their brand, distribution infrastructure, and manufacturing assets throughout Northern and Southern California with their line of fresh mapped™ and ensemble infused™ cartridges, disposable pens and applicators. “With so many potential accounts in California, Cannaly has enabled us to meet and engage with new partners without over deployment of our sales team”, says Joss Mckernan, VP of Sales of HoneyVape™. “By working through the platform it keeps us focused on pre-qualified, serious leads that have taken the time to research and consider our product line for their stores. We can then quickly react and deliver using Cannaly’s online invoicing and fulfillment platform. Having one all-inclusive communication portal keeps us organized and efficient!”

Honey® is a California state licensed adult use and medicinal cannabis company. In 2013 they revolutionized the cannabis industry by becoming the first producer in the world to market short-path cannabis distillate in vape cartridges. Currently, they provide authentic, fresh mapped™, ensemble infused™, THC and CBD oil in vape cartridges, disposable pens, applicators, and caps to legal dispensaries and delivery services throughout the Golden State.

Cannaly is an online marketplace that partners with industry-leading brands to simplify how dispensaries order their favorite products. Their CRM sales software is currently used by over 150 state compliant retailers and 40 brands throughout California.



Joss Mckernan Honey® VP of Sales


Jeff Wickum

Cannaly Co-Founder & CEO

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