Vaping vs Smoking Weed

Girl Vaping Honey

If you’re looking to inhale cannabis, there are only two options, vaporizing and smoking. Whether you’re talking about extracts or flower, the only way to get the unique effects of inhalation are to opt for one solution or another.

For those new to exploring the

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How long does cannabis oil last?

cannabis oil Honeyvape 2

As concentrates become more popular, you may be wondering how shelf life and other factors can impact the wax, shatter, and oil have that make up a large portion of the market today. The reality is, there is no clearly defined answer.

How long your concentrate will stay fresh and potent is dependent

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Honey® Proud to Partner with Cannaly

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California’s pioneer in cannabis vaping technology is expediting their wholesale order flow with Cannaly’s cutting-edge SaaS enabled marketplace.


[Los Angeles, California, September 11th, 2018]

Honey®, a California state licensed adult use and medicinal cannabis oil company is proud to partner with Cannaly an online wholesale marketplace and sales platform for licensed California

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